Berks County Republican Candidates

Our 2018 Candidates up for General Election

US Senate

  • Lou Barletta*Endorsed by PAGOP

US House of Representatives

  • 4th Congressional District
    • Dan David
  • 6th Congressional District
    • Greg McCauley
  • 9th Congressional District
    • Dan Meuser

Governor of Pennsylvania

  • Scott Wagner*Endorsed by PAGOP

LT. Governor of Pennsylvania

  • Jeff Bartos*Endorsed by PAGOP

PA Senate (Even Numbered Senate seats)

  • 24th District
    • Senator Bob Mensch
  • 44th District
    • Senator John Rafferty

PA House of Representatives (All Seats)

  • 5th  House District
    • Rep. Barry Jozwiak
  • 124th House District
    • Rep. Jerry Knowles
  • 127th House District
    • Vince Gagliardo Jr.
  • 128th House District
    • Rep. Mark Gillen
  • 129th House District
    • Rep. Jim Cox
  • 130th House District
    • Rep. Dave Maloney
  • 134th House District
    • Rep. Ryan Mackenzie
  • 187th House District
    • Rep. Gary Day